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    This particular collateral provides

    An additional security and safety of lender's money and gives the reasons to maintain this certain type of loan.



Usually according to
the conditions and terms of the banks,....


You can finance
up to 100% of your future property purchase.....


You decide to take hard money,
you are asked to secure your borrowing with a certain asset.....

What are main types of hard money loans?

Nowadays most of the citizens, who are planning to buy an apartment or any other type of vehicle, prefer to maintain this process with the help of the third party. These third parties are usually financial agencies, credit companies or any local commercial banks. Hard money loans are those types of borrowing money, which usually require several steps to the application as well as security. Hard money loans are secured by the assets, which can be house or apartment, and are considered being a certain collateral for the investor.

There are several options of hard money loans, which are considered to be the following:

• Equity loans

There are special equity loans, which are usually used for the maintenance of the houses and other vehicles and mean a payment of the credit with the new loan. Equity loans are considered being the fastest options of taking the money and making a purchase. Firstly, equity loans can take up to 30 days for maintaining an application form and preparing all documents for the further steps. When accepting the conditions of the equity loans, you should understand the risks as well as interest rates, which are presented for the borrower. Usually, the interest rate of this particular type of credit is not more than 10% - 15% that depends on the particularindividual lender or company.

• Refinancing of the mortgage

Many citizens nowadays use a refinancing of the credits to deal with the borrowing money with financial flexibility and freedom with interest rates. There are several kinds of refinancing your credit. First is called cash-out refinancing that means you are taking one more credit after the first mortgage and get the extra cash. The other option is that you can repay your existing credit. The other option of the refinancing of the mortgage is rate-the-term refinancing. This choice of the lease requires refinancing of your cash with the interest rate that is lower and which is more comfortable for you.

• Bridge loans

Among many loans "bridge loans" are considered being the most reliable as well as easy to understand by borrowers. In many times, bridge loans give a possibility to make a purchase of a particular house or apartment before the sale of existing one. Within this individual credit, people get cash for the existing home and then complete a deal of selling the previous one. It is a short-term credit that is taken for one week to three years. Bridge loans provide a borrower possibility to arrange financial flexibility as well as option to make a bigger investment with the opportunity to maintain long-term payment and lower rates. Secondly, bridge loans are easy to take to individuals as well as small business owners for different needs. To participate in maintaining risks, lenders provide loans with the high-interest rates and additional fees for the transaction and other processes. Nevertheless, with the help of these fees, lenders participate in reducing their risks.

Financial Partner

"During the search of the most appropriate financial partner for a hard money loan, you should analyze these conditions. "

Hard Money Loans

For instance, there are hard money loans that are granted with a fee of nearly 13% from the local lender if you are taking the loan. On the other hand, different countries have different prices and types of borrowing money.
For example, in California, you can get hard money with the annual fee around 17% together with the interest rate around 11%.